Interesting Facts About Mozart

If you’re a conscious observer of the world, you definitely know about Johannes Mozart. Also known as Johannes Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If not, you will after reading this article. Mozart, the most renowned composer in this reality, was the fruit of the classical era. He began creating music as early as 3 years old and often performed for others in public. With the help of some of the older composers he knew, he absorbed their knowledge and sharpened his skills at an impressively young age. He also created pieces and performed in all genres that were known during his time. His father was a musician himself; a violinist, in fact, and traveled with Mozart across the whole of Europe to expose him to as many different styles as he could. Most people know about the life story and background of this extraordinary musician. However, here are some interesting and rare facts about Mozart that not even his biggest fan would know.


  1. Mozart’s Surprising Birth


There have been sources that claim that Mozart may have been born prematurely. He was birthed with a small and fragile body that hinted at signs of a failed birth. His father Leopold expressed that Mozart was a miracle child because of the fact that he survived, despite being a baby that most wouldn’t expect to.


  1. Unexpected Financial Problems


Of course, as a celebrity, you’d make a healthy income from your craft. Mozart was a member of that team. His surreal talents didn’t just get him in the door, they also brought him into a world of wealth. Being so young, he was quick to spend the money excessively, often resulting in him running into financial problems and even debt sometimes.


  1. Unfavorable Martial Decision


During the fall of 1782, Mozart happened to stumble upon a 19-year-old girl he fancied and married her. His father wasn’t very accepting of this relationship. While Mozart thought her to be a pretty decent lady, many other onlookers had mixed opinions about her. Some took her as a decent girl as well. Others didn’t and actually couldn’t stand her. Nevertheless, eighteen years after Mozart passed away she and her husband worked together to publish a book about him.


  1. Multiple Failed Births


Mozart and his wife were very family oriented and open when it came to children. They had six children altogether. However, only two boys survived past infancy. They were known as Karl Thomas and Franz Xavier. The two of them weren’t as apt about family as their parents. They did not have any children.


  1. Bonding With Siblings


Mozart and his sister got along very well. They were so close, in fact, that they participated in fun little pursuits such as creating secret languages that they would communicate to each other in.


  1. Mourning Wife


Mozart wasn’t just a great composer. He was also a family man that was loved and adored by many. In fact, in wife loved him so much that after Mozart died, she tried to die with him by crawling into his bed and trying to catch the fatal illness he carried. However, she destroyed most of his works after he passed away.